Ultra Fine Writer Tip

We always love when a new product hits the market that can make our creativity easier and, best of all, look better!  When DecoArt released the new Ultra Fine Writer Tip, I wasn’t sure it would be all that!  However, after actually using the tip, I was more than amazed. cdwood.com Ultra Fin Writer Tip.jpg

The tip is a perfect size for adding lettering, doodles, and fine lines to your projects.  It fits the 2 oz Americana acrylic bottles which makes it easy to switch colors.  Probably my favorite feature is the self-cleaning needle cap.  This prevents clogs from forming and makes it ready to use EVERY time.  I know from experience, if the clean up and maintenance is tedious, no matter how wonderful, I won’t use the product very often.  Because the tip is self cleaning, I know that whenever I want to use it, it will work!  That in itself is genius!  imgres.jpg

The first project I used the tip was  Owl Magic.  I had this fantastic owl face cling stamp, “Look Into My Eyes”, but wanted to do something more.


I decided to stamp the face image using paint instead of ink and “try” the writer tip to create the rest of the body.  I probably should have tested the tip before starting the project, but if you know me, I usually just jump right in and figure it out as I go!  LOL, sometimes that gets me into trouble (big grin), however, the tip was so easy to use that there was no learning curve.  I was thrilled as the paint flowed evenly from the tip in a nice smooth line.  A few years ago I injured my thumb, so applying constant pressure was a little uncomfortable.  Even though the paint flowed easily, with this big project, my thumb was not holding up!   Soooo…I added a little water to the bottle to thin out the paint and…BINGO…problem solved!  The paint flowed much easier and I was able to continue without discomfort.

This is the first part of the design.  I basecoated the background a solid color to allow the lines to be strong and visible, almost like a coloring book page.  I stamped the owl face, then began “drawing” the rest of the body and adding details using the Ultra Fine Writer TipChris Haughey Owl Magic 2 (2).JPG

Even though I used acrylic paint, I approached this design as I would watercolor. I added washes and glazes of color for depth and intensity, allowing the background to glow through and create the brightness.  Small amounts of paint make a big difference!Chris Haughey Owl Magic 2 (1).JPG

The night sky and moon were added last.  This way no colors overlapped and there was no need to go back to do any touch ups.  A few stars and a little more linework complete the design.  Chris Haughey Owl Magic 3.JPG

The tips are inexpensive so it’s very affordable to purchase several.  To make my painting life a little easier, I have several tips that I have dedicated to specific colors.  Because I know that I will use certain colors often, I have a tips for: Payne’s Grey, Lamp Black, Snow White and Soft Black.  I have a couple extra tips for any other color I may desire.  I am really not lazy, I just like to have things convenient!!

I am so excited with the Ultra Fine Writer Tip .  It has shed a new light on line work and taken out the difficulty of trying to obtain smooth, even lines.  My mind is swimming with possibilities for using this tip.  My lines look fantastic and it’s not causing any grey hairs achieving them!  I would highly recommend at least one per painter…and more to make life easier!  LOL!  I know you will enjoy using the tips as much as I do.

Happy Painting!

Chris Haughey


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