What is a Fude Ball???

With so many markers and pens on the market it is difficult to select the proper tool for a specific project.  I have quite a collection of different brands of pens and have come to the conclusion that one pen will not work for everything.  One of the best pens I have found for outlining or Zentangling is the Fude Ball pen.


It is one of the newer pens available.  It has a rollerball tip and is made to write comparable to a brush pen.  The 1.5mm ball tip delivers a rich, water-based pigment ink that is water and fade proof when dry. The superior ink quality can be applied directly over dry acrylic paint.  The ball tip  is sturdy and makes it easier to control.

I have always used Micron and Millenniums and have been satisfied with them.  Recently I was working on a pair of wood turned candlesticks and wanted to do some doodling and outlining.  I really had a difficult time trying to put lines on the rounded surface.  I was intrigued with the roller-ball tip and decided to try it out on the candlesticks.    04_pa1424__77348_1024x1024I was so excited at how easy they were to control.  I had problems with the other pens skipping on the curved surface, but the Fude Ball pen created perfect, solid lines.  The ink is rich and fluid and the pen lasts just about as long as a BIC! 

Next I tried the pens on a flat project to do some simple outlining.  The ink dried quickly and permanently, however, I found it best to “set” the ink with a light coat of spray sealer as opposed to varnishing with a brush.


I love showing off the Fude Ball.  Whenever I am teaching a class, I always pull out the the pen.  Usually I get a “oh that’s nice” response…BUT…then I say “try it”…  The next response is “WOW” or “OOOOOHHHH”!  The pen actually sells itself!

If you work with media, art journaling, tangling or just plain doodling, you will be thrilled with the ease and results of the Fude Ball Pen!


In case you are wondering, Fude, in Japanese stands for brushpen!


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