Style Stix?

What in the world are Style Stix and why in the world would they be used???  The Style Stix are amazing tools with that can be used to create unbelievable results!  imgres_096d88a7-41ce-4de1-90b9-883a037b015f_1024x1024.jpg

The tools come as a set of four: small, medium, large and extra large.  They have wooden handles and the cone shaped foam tip is soft and flexible.  The variety of sizes offers the ability to use them on anything from a small project to jumbo!

I use them to create berries, candies, bubbles, marbles, raindrops…just about anything round.  The concept is simple, basecoat with a bright color, I always recommend using the highlight color.  To basecoat, I simply dip dot with the handle end of an appropriate size brush.  When the base color is dry, load the selected size style stix with paint.  I dampen the tool with water, wipe on a paper towel, then roll in the paint to distribute the paint evenly around the sides of the cone tip.  Next, position tool directly over dot, press down and twist.  This will smoosh the paint out of the center, leaving the side edges darker, creating instant shading!  The paint should cover the basecoat completely, not leaving any of the base color showing around the edges.


These tools are also great for sliding or pushing paint.  They are great for adding interesting borders, creating background design,  “drawing” with paint, such as flowers, sun rays, stripes, etc…04-pa1541_c1f3acf6-73d6-4718-9c93-78a4e023a611_1024x1024.JPG

Check out this quickie instructional video to see step by step how easy they are to use. Screenshot_1

The more I use these tools, the more I find out how diverse they are!  I always keep a set handy at my fingertips, just in case!!






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