Amazing Tool!

When I first saw the Mini Ink Blender, I was convinced that it was something that I would never use.  However, I was given one to test and quickly changed my mind.  I was totally amazed at the versatility and convenience of this little tool.  Check out my short video below. 46-04097-2__70353_large.jpeg

The ink blenders have a wooden handle, designed perfectly to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.  They come in a package of two handles with four replaceable foam pads.  A package of twenty replacement pads is also available.

The pad is slightly bigger than the head of the tool.  When pressed down, the foam pad rolls gently over the wood base, resulting in a soft, rounded edge.  This makes blending without sharp start and stop lines.  Having replaceable pads means that many colors can be used without the fuss of cleaning between colors.  When finished, simply rinse the pads for future use!

Stenciling with the Mini Ink Blender was the first technique I tried.  I pounced the traditional way and had great results.  Next I tried to stencil with a swirling motion which resulted in a softer, more air brushed effect.  I found that the lighter the pressure, the more muted the design.  This gave me the ability to stencil the design from dark to light for a beautiful application.  Wow!

I tried using the Mini Ink Blending tool to lightly shade around the outer edge of my project. With little effort, the shading was perfect!

Next I wanted to use the tool to create polka dots.  This was so much fun.  I could control the saturation of the dots with the amount of paint and pressure used.  I switched colors for more interest.  This is a wonderful and simple way to add fantastic and modern design to any background.

The more I played with this tool, the more I was amazed at the possibilities.  I was surprised with the ability to switch the pads, how easy it was to handle and how comfortable it was to hold!

This is a short video I did to show some of the techniques.

As a result of this fun play time, I decided to not brand any new tools as “silly” before trying.  My mind is swirling with all the possibilities this amazing tool offers.  Think of all the new techniques that would be missed if we never tried new!


2 thoughts on “Amazing Tool!

  1. Susan Mynyk

    Chis: I am inspired by your willingness to “play” in the paint! Looks like another toy for my tool box!


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