Perfect Circles…

Whether painting or drawing, creating circles can be a challenge.  I have discovered  a simple, fail safe way to make round shapes absolutely perfect. Let me share my secret to success!

I use a series of templates and stencils.  These offer a variety of sizes from teeny tiny to extra large.  For larger shapes, saucers, dinner plates and platters are my solution.

This is a short video to show the benefits of these tools.

Learn how to simplify and make your art even better.

These background stencils are made of a sturdy Mylar and offer a variety of sizes and also give the option of using them for interesting background effects!
09-309_1024x1024.jpg 09-238_1024x1024.jpg

The circle template is made out of thin plastic, however makes a great tool for drawing, stenciling or misting round shapes!  29_00815__88469_1024x1024.jpeg

All stencils and templates are sturdy and easy to clean.  They store flat and can be available at your fingertips.

All these can be found at Cupboard Distributing 

Stock up and make your circles simple!logo.png


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