Splatter Painting…

Whether you call it splattering, spattering or fly specking, this technique has been around for years and is a great way to add interest, texture, design, and even snowfall!  Keep reading to see all the techniques and watch a short video to see the newest tool, the Splatter Brush, in action!Screenshot_1_552a8b21-f8b3-41f2-ac0f-cb55368f2eae_1024x1024

There are several different ways to create this unique look.  Probably the most familiar is to use an old toothbrush.  Load toothbrush with thinned paint and run a thumbnail over the bristles to “flick” paint onto the surface.  The biggest drawback is messy fingers! images.jpgimages.jpg

Another easy way to create spatters is to load a large round brush with thinned paint.  Hold a ruler in left hand.  Keeping loaded round brush in the right hand, wack the brush onto the ruler or heavy object.  The results are a more controlled spatter.  Also, using this method, very minimal mess!

New to the painting scene is the Splatter Brush.  The brush has long, stiff, nylon bristles.  The ferrule is flat, not round and it has a wood handle.  The brush is easy to hold and “user friendly”!  Simply load thinned paint on the bristle tips.  Holding the brush firmly, pinch the clean section of the bristles and flip.  The paint will flick out of the bristles in a very controlled area.  This great tool keeps fingers clean, makes spattering easy and the results are perfect!


One thought on “Splatter Painting…

  1. Julia Michael

    Chris what an amazing tool. I’ve had problems spattering with toothbrushes always end up with big globs. I believe I will be ordering this soon. Love the effects it has.
    Thanks for sharing.


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