A Weary Traveler’s Diary

I have just arrived home from several wonderful adventures.  I am physically weary, but so excited from all my travels.  It started with my fantastic visit to Las Cruces, New Mexico to teach a seminar with my dear friends at the Yucca Pod Chapter.  Life in New Mexico is so very different from Ohio.  I cherish my time there and enjoy the stories, food and friendship immensely.  This chapter holds a special place in my heart and 12806152_1103815366317017_1978786079583370450_n.jpgI look forward to our times together.8209_1103384786360075_1882210195690064580_n.jpg

Next was on to the high energy pace of the Creative Painting Convention in Las Vegas.  Wow, this year was even better than ever.  Hats off to Jay and Jayne for hosting such a successful and fun show.  The week opened on Monday with a Sponsored Event taught with Laurie Speltz.  We were excited as the class sold out months ago and we ended up with 96 students.  Boy, did we ever have fun!  We kept these gals on their toes with no time to waste!  They all kept up and amazed us with two almost (99%) finished pieces!12801354_1105043792860841_8874516103017299853_n.jpg

Next was the trade show.  OMG, the excitement on the was unbelievable.  It is always so much fun to see so many familiar faces and to make new painting friends.  I was pleased and honored at the great response to my new book, “Ornamania”, and my many new patterns.  This is what makes it all worthwhile!12805904_10156745626030045_1609345689542420811_n.jpg

Friday was my class, Midnight Delivery.  Again, the class was sold out, which is really great considering it was the last day of the show.  The class was a little calmer and slower paced, which was good for all of us!  We finished…almost, but always pleased to get to the tail end.  No one likes to take home UFO’s.  12670807_10156891538710045_6952912161240885560_n.jpg12791125_1348196855205788_7131115614674143149_n.jpg


A long trip home was made just a little longer with a few mechanical problems with our beloved truck.  It is funny that in the midst of trials, we get to meet wonderful people.  The hotel staff, the tow truck driver, the mechanics were more than kind and helpful.  Hats off to Oklahoma for making what could have been a nightmare a making it a treasured memory of kindnesses.10348448_1108875485811005_1772085511609722769_n.jpg

Home for a quick 5 days then packed the truck for a trek to Florida. 12832424_1111762608855626_8037750199486772444_n.jpg

I don’t think anyone in Ohio would be sad to go south during the month of March.  First stop was the Orlando chapter.  The gals there were so much fun and made our stay delightful.  Again, both days, we were able to get through both projects.10547590_1114778251887395_377377416582280814_n.jpg

Next up was Coral Springs.  What a beautiful area!  Just to see those gorgeous tropical plants, the amazing Atlantic Ocean, eat fish…ahhhh…  We laughed and painted and I met some really special and talented women.  It seemed that time flew and before I could blink, it was time to move on.10157115_1119659684732585_3581112444776369384_n.jpg

We had a couple days off and visited with my sister-in-law.  We ate (really well, by the ocean), shopped, laughed, ate really well (by the ocean), went to the Keys, took lots of pictures, ate really well (by the ocean), shopped some more and made some great memories!Keys.png

Last stop was Chattahoochee.  I was really weary by then, but the love and enthusiasm of this group rejuvenated me.  It was beautiful beyond words, huge hedges of blooming Azaleas of all colors, flowering trees, green, green grass, ferns, beautiful homes with unique architecture, seeping with history, quaint restaurants with unbelievable food, but the best part of all were the gals in the chapter.  We laughed, painted, ate (very well), prayed and bonded together.  12400992_1125342744164279_2581987407213123184_n.jpg


As this adventure draws to an end, I am tired, but overall renewed in spirit.  I have realized that hearts can bond across miles;  even though we are all different, we share the same spirit with sincerity and love and it is cherished deeply.  My love of painting is reinforced and renewed.  Best of all…THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


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