Infinity Christmas Ornaments are here!!!

It is so exciting to see an idea come to fruition. I have been working on the idea for these Infinity Christmas Ornaments for quite some time, trying to figure out how to package it all together. I really, really wanted to present it before Christmas as it would be so perfect for this time of year.

This short video is an overview of the Infinity Ornaments.


Christmastime is all about family, friends and memories.  Hand crafted ornaments are straight from the heart.  They are created with love and are a gift that keeps on giving year after year.  However, I know how crazy it gets around the holidays.  I also know that we all have good intentions of getting everything done “earlier this year”!  I had all this in mind as I created and designed.  I wanted these ornaments to be so quick and easy that they can be created in a snap and stress free!

Some of the angles I tried to address with this concept:2015-11-30 16.57.28.jpg

  1.  Crafting with kids is always fun and creates special memories.  I have memories not only with my children and grandchildren, but also when I was a child.  These ornaments are perfect gifts for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, neices, nephews, grandkids…perfect for anyone on your list.
  2. One of the best things about this whole concept is the flexibility.  With the frame openings, it is perfect for photographs, stamped sentiments, quotes, hand drawn sentiments, Christmas card insets, dates…see how the list keeps going on and on?!
  3. 2015-11-30 15.47.44.jpgI wanted to make sure the ornaments are big enough for adding names, dates, etc…  For example, the dog bone could have doggie’s name and year.  The baby rattle is perfect for baby’s first Christmas.  Name and birth date could be added to the ornament with baby’s picture in the frame.  Change wording on the blackboard ornament to that special teacher’s name.  2015-11-30 15.47.19.jpg
  4. 2015-11-30 15.48.11.jpgI wanted to add a variety of techniques to make these ornaments do-able for any talent level.  Decorative paper, wrapping paper, pretty magazine pictures, decorative tissue paper, scraps, etc… can be decoupaged onto the background for instant, amazing results.  I love this idea as it offers the opportunity to use up little snippets that we save and store!
  5. 2015-11-30 15.47.01.jpgFor those that love to stamp, a simple painted base can become a showstopper by stamping with your favorite stamps.  I mostly use paint to stamp with, because I am more comfortable with this medium.  However, I have been known to pick up a stamp pad for quick and (almost always) perfect results.  I found a set of stamps that were designed for Christmas card sentiments…guess what?…they are perfect for inside the frame openings!  How simple is that?!
  6. 2015-11-30 15.47.36.jpgStenciling is another technique that provides impressive results quickly.  It is so much fun to see a plain surface evolve into a beautiful brocade, whimsical bubbles, sophisticated motifs, or modern chevron.  Even if you only have one or two stencils, the results can be modified by simply changing colors!
  7. If you want to ramp it up and show off painting skills, these ornaments are just the right size and offer a great painting surface.  In my pattern, I have included some designs that are a little more involved.  Again, the possibilities are endless.  Whether it’s one of my designs or any of the hundreds of available Christmas designs, the ornaments are perfect.

2015-11-30 15.48.21.jpg Switch out the colors, change the embellishments, use different shapes, frames in the centers, frames on the sides, solid ornaments with no frames, use stencils, stamps, decoupage, add photos, sentiments, personalize, use Christmas cards, scraps, etc…

22-W1556 Infinity Kit.jpgI hope you are as excited as I am with the endless possibiliies these ornaments offer.  And…this is only the beginning!  My mind is swimming with future additions.  So, as you can see…these ornaments are INFINITE!!

Infinity Ornaments and all the supplies are available at Cupboard Distributing  





















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