Mixing Media

There is a huge difference between Mixed Media and mixing media.  I find that more and more I use different medias to enhance my traditional painting.  I have been painting with acrylic paints for many, many years.  I absolutely love using the acrylics to design and create, however, the more I dabble with other medias, the more excited I become.

When first asked to teach some classes using stamps with acrylic paint, I said “Sure, I would love to!”  What was I thinking??  I am not a rubber stamper and never really wanted to be.  The things we get ourselves in!  Well, long story short, after playing and dabbling with the stamps, I was amazed at the outcome.  I could stamp intricate scrolls and beautiful designs in a matter of seconds!  What would have taken me many hours to accomplish, I created in a snap.  Wow, the doors of creativity were flinging wide open.  Hmmm…maybe trying something new wasn’t so bad after all!

Stenciling is another craft that often has a bad reputation with traditional painters.  When I first started using stencils, I kept it secret.  What would people think of me if they knew I “cheated” and stenciled all the holly leaves instead of tracing and basing them?  Somehow, I realized that using other tools to make painting easier was not cheating, but painting “smarter”!  After all, who are “they” and who wrote the “rules”?

So, I now analyse all the stuff available at my fingertips for all kinds of techniques, textures and interesting results.  Sponges, texture tools, tissue, misters, burlap, liquid glass, decoupage, texture paste…the list goes on and on…  Painting has become so much more fun now that I feel free to think outside the box.  And you know what?…I think my designs are much more fun, fresh and exciting!!

These are my words of wisdom:  Let your imagination take you anywhere it can, inspiration has no limits and, you never know, you might end up with something you never imagined you could create!


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