Postale Tissue Wrap…possibilities in a box!

If you haven’t played with the new Postale Tissue Wrap, you are missing out!  I am not sure what is is made of, however, the opaque tissue it is thin yet strong, it can be crinkled yet won’t crease (this means if it gets crumpled, it won’t be ruined), it can be torn straight or random pieces, it stores in a convenient box with a handy tear edge.  Each box contain a strip 12 inches wide by 15 feet long, so there is plenty for any project. 46_93181__26518.1416585851.1024.1024

Snowy Notes Pattern Packet by Chris Haughey

Snowy Notes Pattern Packet by Chris Haughey

I have used the tissue as a base or accent.  If using as a base, the end effect can be altered by painting a basecoat on the surface before adhering.  For a brighter look, basecoat with a light color such as an off-white ot light tan.  Using darker brown colors will tone down the print.  Reds, oranges or brighter colors will tint the tissue and create a fun effect.  To use the tissue as a base, adhere it directly onto a surface with decoupage. My favorite is DecoArt’s DecouPage Matte. Following manufacturer’s directions, simply apply a layer on the surface, place tissue, smooth to remove any wrinkles of bubbles and immediately apply a topcoat over tissue to seal.

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To use as an accent, cut or tear pieces to decoupage onto the project.  These pieces can be used as borders, accents or highlights.  Glazing can be added to tone down or mute the design to coordinate and bring it together.  Add shading around the edges for a cohesive look.  Stencil over top with paint or texture for interest.  The border design in the photo was created using Media Modeling Paste and Gothic Layering Stencil.  The possibilities are endless!


Keys to Heaven by Chris Haughey Everyday Blessings Painting Book


Border design using media Modeling Paste and Gothic Layering Stencil by Chris Haughey

I like to paint over the tissue, I often glaze over top of the print to mute the design.  Too much design can become too busy, distract and end up in chaos.  Mixing paint with Traditions Glazing Medium will create a transparent hue that tones down the design and allows the print to still be visible.

Using the tissue creates a lovely background that provides upscale interest and results in a high quality piece.  The tissue can be used alone or with paint to create a masterpiece.  This is a wonderful way to quickly produce stunning ornaments, decorative boxes, home decor, background magic and so much more.  Whether you are a paper crafter or painter, this tissue works well in both worlds.  What I love most is that the more I play with it, the more ways I can find to use it!   This such a trendy product, the possibilites are truly endless….


One thought on “Postale Tissue Wrap…possibilities in a box!

  1. PatriciaL. Clark

    Thanks for this post. What great ideas you have for this tissue. I will be on the look out for it, because I love mixing media.


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