New Tool Alert…


Angled Stylus

I love to find new tools that make my painting life easier.  I am excited to introduce you to the Angled Stylus!

Just as the name indicates, the tip is at an angle.  It is ergonomically designed to make holding it comfortable and easy to use.  With the traditional straight stylus, a crooked neck helps when directing the stylus to a perpendicular position to ensure round dots!  With the Angle Stylus, the visibility is awesome, control is perfect, easy on the wrist and neck!  Because you don’t have to struggle with keeping it perfectly straight, no oval dots, they will always be round!

I consider this a user-friendly tool.  With the comfort it provides, it is easy to control and use.  Best of all, it is only $.95!  Now that is a bang for your buck for sure!

I hope you watch this short video that shows the outstanding benefits of the Angled Stylus.  I think this is a tool that everyone needs in their stash.  I am sure it will be your choice when reaching for a stylus.


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