The Amazing Secret of the Stufftainer…

Stufftainers are a clear plastic storage unit perfect for cling stamps.  The containers are about 1/2″ thick, snap together securely, are designed to stack (no slipping and sliding) and even have a convenient hang hole.  46-17295-2__10137.1398822706.220.220

They are designed to hold two layers of cling stamps.  When placed properly, stamps are visible from either side.  Stamps are stored flat which makes them easier to use, won’t curl, stay clean, organized and stamps last longer.  This is a wonderful storage container to make order of many stamps

Cling Stamp Holder

Cling Stamp Holder

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon another wonderful use for the Stufftainers.  When doing demo’s at convention, I was cramped for space.  I was trying to keep my pattern visible, but out of the way.  It kept getting messy, lost or wrinkled.  The light bulb came on and I placed my pattern in a Stufftainer.  The directions were readable from both sides.  I propped it upright, out of the way (no wasting precious table space), it stayed clean, unwrinkled and at my fingertips!  WOW!!  I was so excited…my mind was swirling with more ways to use these amazing Stufftainers.  They would be perfect for teaching seminars, fantastic for students taking classes, they are thin and can easily store in a travel tote.

Pattern Holder

Pattern Holder

I had another great idea…how many times do we struggle with trying to keep a magazine open to the page needed.  Guess what??  Magazines fit perfectly into the Stufftainers!  No more ruining, staining, wrinkling those precious magazines!

Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder

I still store my stamps in the Stufftainers, but now I carry one in my travel teaching supplies,  have one on my painting table, and I have one hanging on the wall to display favorite articles.   Plus, I have a few extra…just in case…:-)


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Secret of the Stufftainer…

  1. tolemom

    I went to a Ros Stallcup seminar and Jane Drynan had these to use as wet palettes. Using an imitation chamois as the sponge and deli paper on top. By the time I found out what they were, they were we all sold! 😦


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