Recycling with Style!

It always seems when the seasons change, I feel the need to freshen up my decor.  I love the challenge of redecorating on a dime.  I decided it was time to retire my hunter green theme in my living room.  I bought some new decorative toss pillows with touches of celadon and cinnamon.  All I need is an inspiration piece and my theme is on a roll!

lamp price

A bargain at $2.99!

My daughter was dropping some things off at Goodwill.  We decided to stroll through and see what we could find.  I was so excited when I saw a tired old ginger jar lamp.  Believe it or not, the lamp with shade was only $2.99!  I knew with my stash of Chalky Paints I could update and make it look fabulous.


Dingy and outdated!

I couldn’t wait to get home to start working on my “new” lamp.  I painted the tired, spotty brass with Lace (a very pretty creamy color).  To tone it down, I waxed it with Golden Brown Creme Wax.  Simply wipe on and buff off to create a soft sheen.

The lampshade was very dingy.  I was thinking I would just purchase a new one, but, with nothing to loose, wondered if I could paint it??  The lampshade had a fabric texture.  I thinned down the Lace Chalky Paint and used a large, thick brush to work the paint into the texture.  It took time to cover the entire shade, but it was worth it.  It looked brand new!

All in all, it was looking pretty good, however, I wanted a designer lamp.  I selected a stencil that would be perfect for my new decor.  I used the Chalky Paint to stencil the lettering Rustic (brown) and added some Cameo (cinnamon) highlights.  finished lamp

As you can see from the end results, the lamp is spectacular.  My confidence level is soaring and I can’t wait to start my next project!




3 thoughts on “Recycling with Style!

  1. Brenda Varnam

    When painting the lamp shade did you have any problems with cracking. Did you seal the lamp shade after completing?


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