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Brush Care Sampler

Brush Care Sampler

Another great stocking stuffer is the Mona Lisa Brush Care Sampler Set.  There are just some brands that always stand for quality and Mona Lisa is top of the list.  Mona Lisa has been around form many, many, many years, which alone depicts quality.  This sampler is a perfect way to check out these outstanding cleaners.

I know when I first saw this set, I wasn’t really sure they would be of any benefit or that much different than any other cleaners. So, I put them to the test.  I brought out all my nasty brushes just to see how good Mona Lisa products really were.  I am happy to say that I was really impressed and totally sold!  I teach all around the country and the thing that I hear the most is complaints about keeping brushes clean and in good shape.  This little trio is the answer to any brush problem and here are three good reasons:

#1.  Problem:  Forgot to clean out brushes, dried paint in the bristles…   Solution:  POWER WASH – This amazing cleaner will get dried paint not only out of the bristles, but the ferrule also!  Who wouldn’t want a bottle of this on hand?!

#2  Problem: Bristles break or get stiff and unruly.  Solution:  PINK SOAP – Using too much harsh cleaners is hard on bristles.  Pink Soap contains a cleaner and conditioner that will help keep the bristles soft and like new.  Now that makes sense!

#3 Problem:  Wild bristles cause the brush to loose it’s shape.  Solution:  BRUSH RESTORER – Whenever bristles start to splay out (I call it “looking scarey”) strokes become frustrating.  One lone hair can make you to want to pull out your own hair.  Once all the old paint is out of the ferrule, Brush Restorer will re-shape bristles to pristine condition…imagine that!!

Now you know why I am sold!  Why pitch out old brushes when they can be restored.  With the cost of brushes, good care is always a good investment.  This sampler set is a great way to find out what you have been missing!

Brush Care Sampler

Brush Care Sampler


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