The BOOOOOK! It has arrived!

Well, the proofs are here anyway, we won’t see the whole shipment until we get to Vegas, but I’m SO EXCITED! They came out even better than I expected, Viking did a fabulous job! Check out the sneak peeeek!


2 thoughts on “The BOOOOOK! It has arrived!

  1. Nancy Brown

    One comment… When you paint a family name, such as the HAUGHEYS, there is no apostrophe. When you paint the Haughey’s, that means that one Haughey is possessing something… e.g., Chris Haughey’s decorated plate. If you’re referring to your family The Haugheys, there is no apostrophe…unless you’re referring to several members of your family possessing something, e.g., the Haugheys’ decorated plate. I received my Artist’s Club magazine and I’m delighted with your designs. I would just delete the apostrophe when I paint my own.

    1. Chris Post author

      Very true! I think it could go either way on this one… I was more thinking “The Haughey’s Home” in the possessive sense, but I think it would also be correct as a plural. Thanks for the comment, it’s so nice to hear back from other artists!


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