Resin Santas for Artist’s Club

When I first saw the snowman and Santa figurines, I thought painting a design would be a simple, coloring book approach. I can’t express how much fun it was to play with color and design on these 3-D surfaces. What a pleasant surprise painting these figurines compared to a traditional flat design. I just had the best time working with these pieces.

Because many features are carved there is no frustration about placement and proportions such as painting facial features in the right place, getting the arms and mittens the same size, making sure the legs and feet are “holding up” the bodies. Since there is absolutely no concern about overall shapes, all focus can be channeled into color and design.

I was thinking how easy it would be to change colors to co-ordinate with any décor. Think country by using hunter greens, deep blues and rusty reds. How about a traditional look with Christmas tree greens, holly berry reds, and rich blues. Switch to Renaissance with jewel tone purples, golds and jade greens. Soft crèmes and pastels lean towards Victorian.

It is so much fun to be a painter, think outside the box, and be creative. One design, one idea is a pebble in the sea of creativity. The ripples of inspiration just keeps going on and on…


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