What a HOOT!

This year’s show was just so much fun! We were delighted to premier lots of new patterns, surfaces, tools and techniques. Our booth was hopping the whole time, so if you didn’t get a chance to see everything, here’s the short list. You can see lots more on our website!

I was able to do demos this year for the first time ever at HOOT. I had so much fun showing and telling. One of the most frequent questions was about the Canary Tracing Paper. “Is it really all that good?” Well, the answer is an overwhelming YES!

I have never found a tracing paper as thin, as sturdy, and as transparent. The added bonus…it is 12″ wide and comes in a 20 yard roll. Do you know how long 20 yards is? It will last a long, long time! I found out with just a little trim of the inner cardboard tube, that it fits perfectly into my empty plastic wrap or foil box. I can pull out only what I need and tear it off, scissors no longer necessary. How handy is that?!

Because I can store it in the plastic wrap box, I never have to throw away any wrinkled or torn loose ends (a bonus savings). It packs nicely in my tote for class, is always handy when needed and easy to share! This is one product that deserves a five star rating!


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