Get Cheeky!

Cheek very, very favorite no fail medium for making PERFECT cheeks EVERY time!! And best of all, it is sooooo simple to use. Apply in a circular motion with a cotton tip swab, stencil brush or even use your finger. Simply spray with varnish to set when finished.

I use Ruddy Red mostly on my snowmen, but it also leans towards skin tone & looks great on people. Red is perfect for Santa cheeks, Gingerbread, (this is what Lynne Andrews uses on her snowmen) & robust women. Pink is a very soft color and is great for bunnies, little black faced sheep, babies & small children.


My cheeks always turn out so nice that I have even been accused of “cheating” by using this absolutely wonderful medium. I will not be moved…I am not a painting myrtr. I am too busy to waste time on a technique that can be accomplished with little effort. The results will rival those painstaking, frustrating cheeks that take many, many attempts to create.

The cheek chalks are sold separately, but they are not expensive and you really need all three colors, so we are offering a package deal. Order today and find out how amazing these chalks really are…and SAVE!!

(PS…I hardly ever have to wipe off & re-do and they always match!!)


3 thoughts on “Get Cheeky!

  1. Brenda

    Have you found a replacement for the cheek chalk since it is not being made anymore? Someone walked off with my last container of cheek chalk in a class last week. Thanks much.

      1. Lissa

        Have you found any manufacturer that makes cheek chalk yet? Mine is almost gone and I’m going crazy trying to find some more. Why oh why did they ever stop making it? It’s the best product ever to use for making beautiful looking cheeks!

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