Tired of TV?

Do you get tired of trying to find something good to watch on TV while you paint? If you do find something good to watch, does it distract you and cause problems because the paint on your brush dried while you watched that pivotal scene?

The solution is books on tape (edited: More likely this means books on mp3, who has tapes anymore?) What could be better than curling up with a good book? Better yet, get out those brushes and pop a great book in the CD player. Check with your local library, they have hundreds of books on tape or CD for free. Or get an inexpensive subscription to Audible.com, (either go to audible.com website or look it up on Amazon, the two are linked) they have all the new books on mp3 format for your iPod or smartphone.

How relaxing to enjoy an evening with your two favorites all rolled up into one! Time will fly, you won’t have a chance to get stressed out over a painting dilemma, and the end of the story will be a happy one!

My favorites:

  • Almost everything by Jane Austen
  • The Mitford Series
  • Jane Karon books

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