Fix your chair

How many times do you get that awful burning crick in you neck when painting? Maybe it is time for a simple fix with an adjustable chair. Different projects can result in stretching awkwardly to reach that top section and can mess up your posture, causing all those aches and pains.

If you have an adjustable chair, simply crank it up a notch. Likewise, if you are leaning over the table to do all that tiny detail (ouuuch!), simply lower the chair to a more comfortable height. What a difference!! Believe me, when we paint, we want all the comfort we can get; being uncomfortable will make you less interested in even spending time doing those projects you were so looking forward to.

After all, we do spend many hours painting our hearts out. Who wants to be punished with a stiff neck and achey back? (Let’s blame the aches on housework!!)


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