How to Create Long Elegant Strokework

Mastering any strokework takes practice, however, there are some tips that will make it much easier…and of course…more fun!

  1. A good script liner is absolutely needed. If you don’t have good tools, you won’t have good results.
  2. The paint must be thinned to an inky consistency. Load the script liner, it has longer bristles and will hold more paint than a regular liner. This allows you to make longer strokes before reloading. If you can still see bristles through the paint, you don’t have enough paint. If you lose the shape of the brush…you have too much paint.
  3. Use the tip of the brush. If the brush is loaded correctly, the paint will flow down to the tip. If not, it means you have run out of paint and you need to reload. Pressing down to get “more paint” will only result in a fatter line. To stay up on the tip of your brush, use your pinky finger on your painting hand to stabilize. If this seems awkward, hold your wrist up with your other hand. This will allow you to create swirls and curls with full movement.

Strokework is as simple as 1, 2, 3! With a little practice, your strokes will be beautiful and effortless!

Happy Painting,



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