Bling, Bling… Glamour Dust is as beautiful as it sounds!

It is fun & easy to work with & will add bling & sparkle to any project. The fine dusty iridescent particles are light and delicate and easy to apply.

If you want tiny precise areas of sparkle, use an appropriate size liner brush. Load brush with StarLite Top Coat or clear Varnish and outline areas designated for bling. While still wet, sprinkle generously with the Glamour Dust. If you want a solid area of sparkle, you can sprinkle while the paint is still wet.

Don’t worry about wasting the product. Let it dry (overnight is best) and gently tap or brush (I use a fluffy mop brush) off excess dust onto a piece of wax or palette paper. Fold the paper in half and funnel the excess back into the bottle! A little bit goes a long way. I have been using the same bottle of Glamour Dust for over a year…and I use a lot.

Crystal Glamour Dust is clear so the base color will show through. When to use Crystal Glamour Dust? How about when painting gumdrops, it makes a beautiful sugar coating! I bling up my decoarative snow by sprinkling a layer of Crystal Dust over Glistening Snow Tex. It’s just a big WOW! Add little highlights along tops of snow drifts, plops of snow on window panes, pine trees, ornaments, etc…, a little sparkle on the edges of water & waves, brighten up Christmas light bulbs, candle flames, lamps, lanterns…I could go on & on…

The Gold is a little richer & is not translucent. If I want a solid gold coverage, I will base with a gold paint first, coat with StarLite and sprinkle heavily. It also works well to add delicate, classy edges to ornaments, wings, looks great around candle flames, warm winter fires, lettering, jewelry, and…you get the picture??

So step up your projercts, add some sparkle, and watch the heads turn!

Glamour Dust, available in Crystal & Gold is not something to wonder about…it is something to create wonder!!


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