Gel Blending Medium

(this is an older article, but you can still get the Medium!)

Hmmm… what in the world is that all about?? Well, actually, it is a pretty handy medium. Gel Blending Medium is mostly known for being an extender. It will delay the drying time of paint allowing extra time for blending and working with paint. The gel medium is easy to work with and is not messy or drippy. It is non-toxic, has low odor, is waterbased, and mixes with any acrylic paint.

If you have problems achieving a gentle shading, simply load a damp (not wet) brush into the medium and work thru the bristles by gently stroking on your palette. Dip the toe or your angle, or corner of your flat shader into the paint. Stroke again on palette and…presto…the blending is perfect! Instant shading and highlighting!

If you want a lighter glazing effect, mix the Blending Gel with paint to create a wash that will brush on evenly. And because it also slows drying time, you can work with a larger surface, blend, and not have streaky overlap strokes.

One 2oz. bottle goes a long way. So…with the sale price of only 80¢, be adventuresome…pick up a bottle or two and have some fun!


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