How to paint and stay thin…

We all tend to add a few pounds when there are goodies around, causing those blasted bathroom scales to inch up a pound at a time. Well, my thin rules aren’t going to cause the pounds to magically fall off, but perhaps will keep them at bay!

My first golden rule, I NEVER keep food at my painting table. I have found out that when I am painting if there is food, I will eat it ALL and really not even remember eating it! Sooo… if I get really hungry, I have to walk out to the kitchen (that’s exercise!) for a treat. Most of the time I will just pass on the treat and focus on my painting.

Next golden rule…I only drink water at my painting table. I always use pretty stemware because it makes me feel special! No extra calories in water & they say water helps increase brain functions. Wow…what a bonus!

Hopefully with these tips your painting will be fun and trim!


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