Instant notes or messages sooo simple!

Just think how much fun you can have with DecoArt’s new Chalkboard Paint! Easily create a chalkboard surface with the stroke of a brush!

Here’s a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing:
Ever wish you had a chalkboard next to the telephone to jot down those messages. How about a chalkboard next to the calendar to highlight important appointments or special occasions. Oh, here’s another one, coat a thin surface, add magnets for the front of the refrigerator…now you have an instant grocery list!

Here’s a few more fun ideas. Make projects for those creative little fingers, paint a message board with some special elements to cordinate with any teenager’s bedroom decor. Maybe even paint a note center for Dad to hang in his special area (den or garage).

Oh my goodness, what a great time you can have with this 2 oz bottle of paint! And, one bottle will cover an amazing 5 feet of surface.

Summer is here and now is a great time to get together with kids of all ages to create some fun summer memories!

Best of all…have fun!!


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