Diamond Dust

(older article, I’ve been using this now for lots of projects, but I still love it!)

I just discovered Diamond Dust and am so excited about the added sparkle and bling that it provides!

It is similar to Glamour Dust with it’s clear opalescent shimmer, however, it is a larger, chunkier sparkle. It reminds me of grains of sugar or salt and will add a little more impact to any project.

It is easy to apply; simply brush Star Lite Top Coat on the area (or clear drying glue), sprinkle with Diamond Dust and let dry. I usually recommend overnight to assure the sparkle is completely dry and secure. Lightly tap or brush off the excess. Oh, by the way, don’t waste the excess, put it back into the jar to use for the next project.

You will love the added dimension and elegant sparkle!


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