Painting Eyeballs

Do you struggle with simple eyeballs? I used to try to paint eyeballs with a liner or round brush, working ever-so-diligently to try to get both eyes smooth and the same size… ugh!! Usually they ended up gigantic! Finally I decided that I was working way too hard. I flipped the brush over & used the handle end. Simply dip, dot and drag back & forth to create an oval shape. Wipe off the brush, dip and dot again to create an identical-sized eyeball. Is that simple or what? If you want round eyes, use the same technique, but don’t drag. Instead, press down and lift straight up. Use different sizes of brush handles to create different sizes of eyeballs.

Now that you have created the eyes, use a smaller handle (or stylus) to dip-dot the centers. I use Lamp or Ebony Black. Once these have dried, you need to add a tiny sparkle. Load the small end of the stylus with white and dip dot again. I always dot on the top left of each eye. Dotting on different sides of the eyes will create a cross-eyed effect.

Isn’t that simple? Bet’cha didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? Painting should be FUN!


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