Deerfoot Stippler

What is a Deerfoot Stippler?? It is an awesome brush with many unique abilities. It is appropriately named because it truely resembles the hoof foot of a deer! The brush is round with a flat angle cut. When holding this brush (as if you were holding a pencil), the angle cut lies flat on the surface. No awkward approaches to holding the brush. Just natural and easy!

The deerfoot is perfect for tapping out foliage, such as trees, bushes, flowers, grass, and background filler. It can also be used to replicate snow, such as snowmen, snowballs, snowdrifts…etc… Get a little creative and make furry animals, fluffy icing, colorful sprinkles, and more!

Use the deerfoot wet or dry to create different results. Dry brush will produce sharper texture and wet will have a softer more mottled appearance.

This a brush that you can definitely have fun with. It will create texture in seconds instead of hours…and we all love that idea!


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