I LOVE to paint Ornaments!

Painting a personally hand-made ornament is such a great way to show you care. And even better, ornaments are quick and easy to paint and, usually don’t cost an arm and a leg! All that is required is your thoughtfulness and time.

For ambience, turn on some Christmas music and some battery candles (for safety) and maybe a little

holiday scented potpourri. Think happy thoughts about those you love and you will be amazed at how lovely the ornaments will turn out!

The 6″ sleds are perfect size for ornaments, are already based and paint up in a flash. Almost any holiday pattern can easily be added to either the sleds or the bells. To make any ornament special, simply add a sentiment, name or date. Personalizing always creates a memory and insures the ornament will appear on the tree year after year.

My favorite brush for personalizing is the #20/0 Micro Script Liner. If you have problems with lettering, try this: thin paint to an inky consistency, load brush well. If you can still see the color of the bristles, there is not enough paint…if the bristles loose their shape, there is too much paint. Loaded just right, the brush will flow smoothly and make lettering easy. If the brush starts to drag, time to reload.

If you have trouble with even sizing of the letters (I know I do!), add some dip dots at the ends of each letter. This will create a whimsical lettering that will look fabulous.

Happy Painting,



One thought on “I LOVE to paint Ornaments!

  1. dorothea rice

    Love the blog . Saw the ad for glitter paint but did not know how long the sale was for. Can you help? See you at the shop.


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