Hearts Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!!

Making perfect simple hearts is easy and fun. All you need is a fresh puddle of paint and a stylus. You will be creating hearts that are quick and adorable!

  1. Dip stylus into puddle of paint and dot straight down. If you dot at an angle, the dot will become oval shaped.
  2. Clean stylus and re-dip into paint. Place a dot beside first dot, just barely touching. Cleaning stylus between dots will ensure indentical dots resulting in a perfect heart.
  3. Clean tip of stylus, pull paint down to create the tip of the heart. Use stylus to straighten sides of heart to tip if needed.

It’s that simple! You can create different size hearts depending on the size of the tip of the stylus. The bigger the stylus, the bigger the heart.

Now you can add hearts on all your Valentime projects with love and a smile. Only you know how simple they were to make!


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