Neck pain and back strain…

I have been busy, busy, busy with new designs for magazine articles and the upcoming Society of Decorative Painters Convention in Wichita. I certainly give my neck and back a work-out leaning over my painting table. Neck and back stress are no trivial complaint and can cause serious discomfort.

I have found a simple solution that works well for me. In addition to an adjustable chair and comfortable foot stool, I have a set of hand weights (2 pounds). Every so often I stand up, with weights in hand, and reach for the moon. Then I bend over and touch those toes. Repeat this a few times and your back and neck will be ever so grateful! This won’t eliminate stress 100%, however, it will reduce tension and “knots” tremendously.

Isn’t it amazing how serious we become while concentrating over our wonderful rewarding hobby? Remember to relax, take a break and stretch. After all, with brush in hand, life is GOOD!


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