The Secret Life of Paint Adhesion Medium

Fun for you, good for the planet!

Paint Adhesion MediumYou can save money and the environment when you recycle with a fresh coat of paint instead of pitching and purchasing new.
Paint Adhesion Medium should be a staple in your cabinet of must-have products. This amazing medium will make almost any glossy surface paintable. Turn that plain candle in the bathroom or bedroom into a designer candle with a coordinating design. You can easily personalize a plastic or vinyl pet dish…what a great gift!

How about customizing some plastic flower pots? Imagine how nice your deck would look with flower pots that match.
Jazz up inexpensive plastic glasses with a sophisicated monogram. Use a stencil for a quick update. Turn mis-matched items into a unique fun collection.

Maybe the kids or grandkids would love a monkey or frog painted on their favorite cup. Add their favorite character to a bar of soap (try looking in coloring books for simplified drawings to go by) and watch their eyes pop!
Paint Adhesion Medium has endless possiblilites. Think of all the slick surfaces around the house that could use your talented touch!


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