One of my favorite brushes…

The filbert brush has easily become one of the first brushes I reach for. It is flat like a shader, but rounded on the chisel edge.
One of it’s many uses is to use the oval shape to create flower petals. Start at the tip of the petal, press down and pull towards the center. Another easy technique for the filbert is leaves. Press down, twist (1/4 turn) and pull out to a point. Flowers and leaves with simple strokes…thanks to the filbert.

The filbert has also simplified my base coating (everyone’s favorite part, right?). Use it for basing any shape. The rounded crescent will blend easily and you won’t any sharp start and stop lines. For larger surfaces, check out the Oval Wash brushes. These are bigger brushes with thicker and longer bristles.

Any time you want to paint rounded shapes, the filbert is the logical choice. Using the rounded shape of the brush to paint rounded curves just makes sense. So next time you paint, take another look at the filberts. Make your life easier and make painting more enjoyable!


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